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Heavy imagery eBook conversion sample for APS Press.
Reflowable eBook conversion for APS Press

Since 2008, Bookmobile has been providing high-quality eBook conversion services to our clients. We produce eBook files at a reasonable cost, paying special attention to each book’s unique formatting and design requirements. At Bookmobile, we enjoy working closely with our clients throughout the conversion process, enabling us to provide validated eBooks with beautiful display.

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How eBook Conversion Works

We focus on the details of eBook production, including the following steps:

  • Review eBook formatting goals with you before starting conversion
  • Perform our rigorous Comprehensive eBook Quality Check
  • Test on the most frequently used eReading devices/apps
  • Supply eBook proofs to you for a proofing process
  • Deliver final, validated eBook files that are ready for sale

Each step is centered on exceptional service for our clients. The result? eBooks that are created carefully and efficiently, without a huge expense.

Step #1: Plan your conversion schedule

Our typical turnaround is 4 weeks from when conversion starts to when first eBook proofs are delivered. Proofreading adds to turnaround time. We also offer a rush option for an additional fee.

Correction requests sent after viewing eBook proofs are typically made within 5 business days.

Step #2: Send us your final source file

We can convert from three source formats: normal PDFs, scanned PDFs, and printed books.

We ask that your source files are final. Please make all corrections and changes before starting eBook conversion. Conversion errors will be fixed at no charge, but editorial changes are subject to our hourly rate.

Step #3: Conversion begins and we produce your target eBook formats

We can convert your eBook into two formats. Clients can choose to convert into only the format they need.

  • EPUB: The industry standard. Reflowable EPUB files are used by all resellers.
  • Web-ready PDFs: Web-ready PDFs are optimized for digital reading and direct-from-website downloading.

During conversion, Bookmobile’s conversion partner produces a base EPUB file. Next, Bookmobile’s staff performs a suite of checks and tests (see step #4). Changes (if necessary) are then made to create a quality eBook that renders properly across commonly used eReading devices and apps.

Step #4: Bookmobile performs the Comprehensive eBook Quality Check

Every eBook we produce goes through our rigorous quality check. During this step, we:

  • Check link, footnote, and table of contents functionality
  • Review basic formatting against original PDF
  • Scan for character conversion and diacritical issues
  • Evaluate charts, graphs, and images for quality
  • Ensure treatment of tables is optimal
  • Ensure thumbnail cover images render properly
  • Add client-supplied eBook ISBN
  • Verify metadata is included in EPUB
  • Review EPUB file in Adobe Digital Editions, on the iPad, and in the Kindle Previewer app.
  • Check for issues that cause problems with particular eBook resellers
  • Validate with EPUB file checking tool (essential for distribution to resellers)
  • Implement any special review requests from the publisher
  • Fix any issues discovered during the processes listed above
Step #5: Proof and approve your eBook files

When your final, converted eBook is ready to proof, we’ll send you the necessary files.

File TypeWe recommend viewing on:
EPUB: the eBook file for the iPad, Kindle, NOOK, and moreiPad in the Apple Books/iBooks app
.jpg: the cover for the eBook file
(This file will also be embedded in the final EPUB file.)
iPad in the Apple Books/iBooks app
PDF: the web-ready PDF file (per request)Your desktop in Adobe Digital Editions
A note on converting from PDF files

Making eBooks from PDF files created with different fonts, page layout softwares, and by different designers creates an inherent challenge: Conversions are almost never perfect. The only way to ensure a perfect conversion is to do a line-by-line proofreading of the converted file against the original.

While we perform a long list of quality checks on each title converted, we do not proofread line-by-line unless specifically requested by the publisher. We highly recommend that eBooks created from printed originals be proofread line-by-line, because those conversions have much higher error rates. Books typeset at Bookmobile have fewer conversion errors because of our workflow. Line-by-line proofreading is an additional charge beyond our base conversion and quality check.

Step #6: Bookmobile provides the final eBook files to you

For clients who aren’t using our eBook distribution service, we’ll send you the necessary files for a successful upload to your eBook distribution partner.