Offset Printing

Competitive Offset Printing Focused on Superb Customer Service
Design, typesetting, and offset print management samples for Milkweed Editions.
Offset printing for Milkweed Editions

Since 1984, we have been helping publishers and individuals find the most competitively priced offset printing through our network of offset printers.

When customers request large or complex print runs that aren’t a good fit for our in-house digital press, we use our network of offset printers to help fill their needs. We have high internal standards for our work, and that is no different when working with outside vendors. All of the offset printers we work with have been thoroughly vetted and tested, minimizing the risk of the process so that you know you are getting a quality product.

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We will:

  • Help you determine if offset or digital printing is a better fit for your project.
  • Request competitive quotes from a variety of printers and perform a cost analysis to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
  • Help you determine materials and identify cost saving opportunities.
  • Schedule the job to ensure you are getting your requested ship/delivery date.
  • Provide guidance on file set-up and answer any questions you have before uploading to print.
  • Perform a comprehensive preliminary file check before uploading to be sure your files meet the printer’s requirements.
  • Submit the print order and final files and handle all paperwork related to the print job.
  • Review and approve all printer proofs alongside you.
  • Mitigate any printer issues or errors and advise on appropriate solutions.

Offset Printing Embellishments

Prose design sample for Coffee House Press
Four paperbacks for Coffee House Press. To achieve this unique collection’s overall design, Bookmobile worked closely with Coffee House Press and the offset printer to ensure each book’s cover would align perfectly.

Offset printing allows customers to choose from a wealth of print embellishments that will make your book stand out to potential buyers. A list of common specialty treatments follows; however, if you don’t see what you’re envisioning for your book, please contact us.

  • Specialty papers
  • Foil stamps
  • Die cuts
  • Debossing and embossing
  • French flaps
  • Sewn binding
  • PMS inks
  • Spot Gloss UV and Matte Etch
  • Gritty Matte lamination
  • Soft-Touch Velvet Matte lamination
  • Oversized trim sizes
  • Fold out inserts
  • Book boxes and slipcases
  • Bookmark ribbons
  • Board books
  • Exposed spine binding
  • Rounded corners
  • Ability to accommodate customer-supplied materials bound or placed in the book