How To Optimize Your Manuscript for Typesetting

You’ve written a book, and it’s finally ready for book design and typesetting. That’s great! While your content may be ready, there are still a few things you can adjust in your manuscript that will optimize it for your typesetter. The following tips are meant as guidelines, not hard and fast rules; however, they’ll help make your book production experience seamless.

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How to Fix 4-Color Black Text for Offset Printing

This article explains how to fix 4-color black text for offset printing, a common problem on 4-color printing files heading to the printer. While on the surface it may look like body text is 100% black, there may actually be color printing issues lurking below.

Remember, if you’re using our offset printing service, we will perform a thorough check of your files (cover and interior) for this issue—and more—before we upload your file to print.

Let’s dive in!

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Everything You Need to Know About ISBNs

We frequently get asked questions about ISBNs—where to get them, do you need them, and why they matter. Since Bookmobile is a service provider, not a publisher, we do not purchase or supply ISBNs for our customers. It is the responsibility of the publisher to purchase and assign an ISBN for each book in their publishing schedule.

Nonetheless, this article aims to answer some frequently asked questions about ISBNs. Read on to learn more!

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6 Interior Book Design Ideas to Elevate Your Project

Interior book design falls under the umbrella of “graphic design,” but it is often more subtle and discrete than many other types of graphic design. This is because the goal of the interior book designer is to make the reading experience easy and engaging, while avoiding design treatments that distract from the content itself. An interior book designer must juggle lots of text and, in some cases, special formatting and images. As such, it’s the interior designers job to strike a balance between aesthetics and readability.

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Top Websites for Image Searching

Image searching can be difficult. It can cause headaches. And it can sometimes take a long time to find the perfect images for your project, if you aren’t doing your own photography or illustrations.

Here, we hope to simplify the process of image searching by suggesting some of our favorite, go-to websites. This is a place to start, and don’t be surprised if you get sucked into an image-searching rabbit hole (it’s happened to us many times, too). Some of these sites are completely free, some are paid, but they all offer quality images and an easy searching environment.

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