Love in the Kitchen, a cookbook

In late 2020, Karen approached Bookmobile with an idea to create a special cookbook that would be given to her neice as a wedding gift . The cookbook features recipes contributed from family members and includes many recipes that hold special meaning to the family.

Once the manuscript was compiled and images sourced, Karen sent us the materials to begin the design and typesetting process. Later, Bookmobile also printed this limited edition run on our in-house digital presses.

Design & Typesetting

From the beginning, Karen knew she wanted this cookbook to be bright and fun, a reflection of her niece’s personality. With an understanding of what Karen wanted, we went to work creating the page layout. This included typeface selection—we ended up going with some unique, wedding-inspired typography—and determining where each recipe element would go on the page.

While the book isn’t image-heavy, there are a tasteful selection of photos throughout. Some of these are special family photos while others are sourced from our favorite free photo-sharing site, Unsplash. Images are placed dynamically, intermingling with the content on each spread as it fit best.


Featuring a printed case with a silky matte lamination, this book is meant to sit out on the table as a display piece or be used in the kitchen. Printed in-house on our digital presses, this book has a 4-color interior printing on our 100 lb. matte white art paper. This coated interior paper really makes the images pop.

We are so happy to have helped make this book a reality! Recapping her experience, Karen said:

I came up with the idea of printing this book for my niece in honor of her wedding. The only difficult part was that I had never written a book before. Despite this, I typed up all the recipes and called Bookmobile. As soon as I had one conversation with Bookmobile’s staff, I knew it was the right company for me. After explaining my idea, they identified with my project and took it on as if it was as important to them as it was to me. They not only provided me with technical insight throughout the process but also personal recommendations to improve the quality and beauty of my book. Bookmobile’s staff was professional, insightful, and absolutely instrumental in elevating my project into something that exceeded my expectations.

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Book and cover design by Sarah Miner
Printing by Bookmobile