Love in the Kitchen, a cookbook

In late 2020, Karen approached Bookmobile with an idea to create a special cookbook that would be given to her neice as a wedding gift . The cookbook features recipes contributed from family members and includes many recipes that hold special meaning to the family.

Once the manuscript was compiled and images sourced, Karen sent us the materials to begin the design and typesetting process. Later, Bookmobile also printed this limited edition run on our in-house digital presses.

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60 for 60 by the Florida Institute of Technology

When the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), located in Melbourne, FL, had an idea to commemorate their 60th anniversary as a university with a high-end coffee-table book, Bookmobile was happy to partner with them to achieve their vision through our book design and offset printing services. The result, titled 60 for 60, features 60 of the university’s prominent alumni in a beautiful book, produced in both hardcover and softcover versions. 

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The Final Check: Reviewing Your Final Files

You’ve spent hours creating your book; be sure what you are sending to print and approving to print is exactly as you expect it to be.

There are two times you will be able to perform a final check of your book’s files. Each instance has different implications as we’ll explain below. This guide applies for both design and print customers, so continue reading to understand what you should be reviewing at each check stage.

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Rivers of Rhythm by the National Museum of African American Music

The National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) is a new museum in Nashville, TN, focused on celebrating the lives of African American musicians while providing historical context and education to visitors.

In 2019, the museum approached Bookmobile to assist with designing and printing their exhibition catalog. The result all these months later is a beautiful book with vibrant colors, photography, and design—called Rivers of Rhythm after its flagship exhibit.

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Copyright Page Basics for Self-Publishers

Learning the copyright page basics as a self-publisher is a necessity for publishing your book. There are lots of resources out there on this subject, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming to figure out. Here, we hope to shed some light on this subject so that you can be on your way to making a well-informed copyright page.

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