Why You Need a Book Designer

Whether to work with a book designer or design your book yourself is an important decision. Working with a professional book designer offers many benefits, explained below.

Poetry design sample for Graywolf Press.

Book designers are experts in book production.

Design is not synonymous with production. Book designers understand how books are printed, which informs every choice they make on the page. From font selection to margins to spacing and alignment, they use their knowledge of book printing to create a usable book for a reader to hold.

Book designers will offer feedback and guidance about your initial design ideas.

When writing, you’ve no doubt thought about what you want your cover to look like. Book designers purpose is to transform that idea onto the page. Sometimes this transformation is an exact one; other times the designer may see opportunities to expand or refine that idea. Through a mutual collaboration, you’ll end up with an aesthetically pleasing cover, based on your initial design wishes.

Book designers stay up-to-date on current graphic and book design trends.

Styles and aesthetics are always changing; what looked good 10 years ago may not still have the same impact today. By studying the designs of recently published books and continuing to design books themselves, designers stay current on all the latest trends and technological advances. Ultimately, this creates a more striking final product—one that will be able to compete in the marketplace.

Book designers will make the process easier and quicker.

You could choose to learn a professional design program or fiddle with Word enough to get your book formatted yourself. However, doing this will no doubt cause lots of headaches for you and will take awhile to fine tune. On the other hand, working with a book designer, you’ll be able to finish up the design and typesetting process faster, keep your project on schedule, and end up with a beautiful book.

Book designers understand all the technical aspects of printing.

RGB, CMYK, bleeds, pagination, PPI, overprinting . . . all concerns of the book designer. A book designer will ensure all images are high resolution for printing, that colors are in CMYK, and that your file is paginating properly, among a variety of other technical printing considerations. You can be sure that your files will to go print setup properly, so that issues at the printer won’t pop up.

Book designers will help your book sell.

At the end of the day, the sole purpose of a book designer is to help make your book stand out and compete in the marketplace. By providing excellent customer service, designs, and expertise, their goal is to create a book a reader will want to pick up to learn more. Then, it’s your writing and content that makes the sale.

If the above reasons have convinced you to hire a professional book designer, a great place to start is to contact us for a preliminary quote. At Bookmobile, we love working on all types of book projects—from novels, to short fiction, to poetry, to essays, and more. We would love to create a beautiful book with you!