Since the early 1980s, Bookmobile has provided quality book design and offset printing management services. Based in Minneapolis, MN, our design department manages the production and printing for some of the finest trade, literary, and university presses in the United States, along with a variety of self-publishers.

In 2008, we added eBook conversion and eBook distribution to our service offerings. There are many eBook converters, but few match Bookmobile’s quality control. We polish your conversions, test on the most frequently used devices, and ensure that your eBook files are validated for resale on eBook vendor sites. Then we help you get your eBook into the hands of your readers.

Book Design

Bookmobile Design & Digital book design services include crafting beautiful prose, poetry, and coffee table artist books.

Craft your dream book—from prose to poetry to coffee table artists books. Our small but mighty team of book designers bring a wealth of expertise to all book projects, big and small. 

Offset printing

Bookmobile Design & Digital works with a network of offset printers to secure the most competitive print pricing.

Secure the lowest print pricing through our network of offset printers. We’ll help you determine the best type of printing based on your project goals. Then we’ll get you the best deal to fit within your budget and walk you through every step in the process.

eBook Conversion

Bookmobile Design & Digital crafts high-quality eBooks that render properly across all of the most frequently used smart devices.

Convert your print book to an eBook that can be read across all the most frequently used smart devices. Made possible by Bookmobile’s Comprehensive Quality Check.

eBook Distribution

Bookmobile Design & Digital makes the eBook distribution process easy by uploading your final eBook files to resellers and managing the sales process.

Seamless eBook distribution to all the major resellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and more. We’ll help get your eBook into the hands of your readers while making the process easy and fast for you.

Customer Service

Working with Bookmobile, you’ll always receive top-notch customer support.

Working with Bookmobile, you’ll always receive top-notch customer support. All questions answered, every time. We frequently work with publishing novices and experts alike, catering the level of support we provide to your individual needs and experience level.

All Under One Roof

At Bookmobile, you can: design your book, print your book, convert your book to an eBook, and distribute both your print book and eBook.

Many customers enjoy taking advantage of our “all under one roof” services. At Bookmobile, you can: design your book, print your book, convert your book to an eBook, and distribute both your print book and eBook. This model is the perfect fit for most indie or first-time publishers and eliminates the hassle of searching for multiple service providers.

What People Say

“We don’t talk about Bookmobile much at Graywolf Press, we don’t need to, in the way that we don’t talk about the clocks keeping time. We have relied on Bookmobile for high quality, attentive, and efficient design and production services for over twenty years. In addition, they manage our eBook conversions and produce all of our galleys, and we regularly turn to them for short-run reprints of 750 copies or fewer.”


Fionna McCrae

Director and Publisher, Graywolf Press

“I never have to worry about book production when it’s in Bookmobile’s hands. Their team is experienced, professional, knowledgeable, communicative, and ready to help solve problems. Bookmobile understands the art of bookmaking, in addition to having master-level technical expertise; they honor what our books mean to us as a publisher and to our authors. I am so grateful to partner with Bookmobile, and the larger publishing community is a better place with them in it.”


Carla Valdez

Managing Editor, Coffee House Press

“The Gryphon Press has been a client of Bookmobile for more than fourteen years; we have been extremely satisfied and impressed with everyone we have worked with over the years. We have appreciated the speediness of response, the helpfulness and willingness to work with us on design issues and to negotiate with printers. Bookmobile offers truly exceptional expertise and service.”


Emilie Buchwald

Publisher, The Gryphon Press

“With just a hint of an idea for an anniversary publication, a book project was handed off to our alumni team to deliver printed copies in an incredibly short window. Armed with only a scant outline, the team at Bookmobile understood our vision, delivering brilliant design templates and typesetting. A true partner, Bookmobile sourced offset printing to deliver a higher quality product at a lower price. If anyone is facing a book project and unsure of their next steps, we highly recommend the team at Bookmobile. They will walk you through the publishing landscape and explore all options so you can create a beautiful publication.”


Cindy Berger

Alumni Engagement Officer, Florida Institute of Technology

“When I decided to self-publish, I researched several possibilities and decided to go with Bookmobile. This was the best decision I could have made. Working with Bookmobile for book design was such a pleasure. Their staff thoughtfully and professionally guided me through every step, and their suggestions were always presented with explanations for their choices and respect for my responses. The professional quality of The Key of Idelisia, Book One is outstanding. Each time I have presented my book to a librarian or bookseller, their immediate response has been not only positive but remarkably appreciative. My book’s appearance, both inside and out, speaks of professional care and right decisions regarding font, chapter headings, layout, front and back and spine treatments, everything down to paper color and weight. I could not be happier with the finished product. I highly recommend Bookmobile to anyone wishing to have a thoroughly professional treatment for their manuscript.”


Sharon A. Roe

First-Time Author of The Key of Idelisia, Book One

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