A North Country Lake Throughout the Seasons

When working on A North Country Lake Throughout the Seasons, we were excited to provide not only our design and typesetting services, but also Bookmobile’s offset print management, eBook conversion, and book distribution and fulfillment services. Written by Bruce M. Carlson and published by the Woodtick Press, this book highlights the seasonal changes of Ten Mile Lake in northern Minnesota through astute observations and fascinating images.

Read on to learn more about this unique project.

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What to Review During the Interior Book Design Process

Book design isn’t just about judging a book by its cover. Your book’s interior layout is equally important in ensuring your book’s success. A book designer will not only help you create a beautiful book, but also make sure your content is easy to read and engaging for your readers. Working with a professional book designer has many other benefits, including technical guidance on how your design choices will affect your printing cost.

As part of Bookmobile’s book design process, we will send you a design sample of 10-15 PDF pages for your review. We encourage feedback on this sample to make sure your book’s layout matches your goals. It’s crucial that we make all design decisions at this stage of the process—once you approve your book’s layout, we will apply this design to your full manuscript and then begin typesetting.

What exactly are those important design decisions? Read on to learn more.

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6 Interior Book Design Ideas to Elevate Your Project

Interior book design falls under the umbrella of “graphic design,” but it is often more subtle and discrete than many other types of graphic design. This is because the goal of the interior book designer is to make the reading experience easy and engaging, while avoiding design treatments that distract from the content itself. An interior book designer must juggle lots of text and, in some cases, special formatting and images. As such, it’s the interior designers job to strike a balance between aesthetics and readability.

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