Top Websites for Image Searching

Image searching can be difficult. It can cause headaches. And it can sometimes take a long time to find the perfect images for your project, if you aren’t doing your own photography or illustrations.

Here, we hope to simplify the process of image searching by suggesting some of our favorite, go-to websites. This is a place to start, and don’t be surprised if you get sucked into an image-searching rabbit hole (it’s happened to us many times, too). Some of these sites are completely free, some are paid, but they all offer quality images and an easy searching environment.

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What is typesetting?

What is typesetting? This is a common question we receive from clients, and I’m here to shed some light on the process.

Before I get into it, typesetting is subtle—almost invisible—work. When done properly, it makes the reading experience pleasant and the book aesthetically pleasing. This is the goal of the typesetter: To make the page look as good as possible so readers won’t be pulled out of the story due to awkward spacing, loose or tight lines, or improper book organization. When a typesetter is finished with their work, a reader will likely never even know the typesetter had a hand in the book at all, since they’ll be so engrossed in the narrative itself.

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Why You Need a Book Designer

Whether to work with a book designer or design your book yourself is an important decision. Working with a professional book designer offers many benefits, explained below.

Book designers know books.

This may seem obvious, but book designers have studied the craft of book design, which is a more specialized form of graphic design. Through years of training and studying, they’ve learned the parts of a book, design terminology, and different book design techniques that will make a statement to readers. Just through gut instinct, they know what sort of design styles are suitable for each unique project.

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